Plus size party, why? Well, we do notice that plus size lads aren’t confident enough to come in to Roxy’s Den to have a amazing few hours to spend in the club and with the girls. Pretty often they think we dont like them or they getting bullied by other lads! But no this is not true, for me and the girls you arent different than anyone else. We do notice that the lads are having troubles with getting in the right sex position, but hey guys we are experienced, so just ask and we will get it done! Please feel free and come, we are happy to play with you and to give you a nice few hours! You ain’t different for us! You are human, we are human so let’s connect and have a amazing time together.

I really do hope to see you tomorrow 21st of july in Roxy’s Den at the 1st official plus size party!

Xxx Melody Pleasure

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