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New movie online and collab with Monica Moments

Happy and proud to announce that theres a new movie online! Its called MONICA MOMENTS REAL DOLL SUPERHERO DREAMLAND TOYS. In this film Cheffie starts to play with the doll.

From a Wonder Woman doll to a steamy dream with Superwoman, one man’s sexual escapades will leave you questioning the line between fantasy and reality. Get ready for a captivating story of forbidden pleasures. #wonderwoman #superwoman #sex #anal #realdoll

The doll and film is sponsored by Monica Moments! The store to buy real dolls! To buy yours go to https://bit.ly/4eSM1qs

To watch the movie go to https://bit.ly/4eV3caP

Re-brand completed

I’m excited to share with you the news of my transformation from the previous website DM-Movies to the new and improved MelodyPleasure.com! It has been an incredible journey filled with hard work, dedication, and creativity to bring you a fresh and exciting platform where you can explore all of your passions and desires. As Melody Pleasure, I am grateful for the support and love from my fans throughout this transition. This re-branding represents a new chapter in my career, one that is filled with endless possibilities, growth, and empowerment. I invite you to join me on this exciting adventure as we continue to explore, discover, and connect on a deeper level through the art of pleasure. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with me.

To celebrate the exciting re-brand from DM-Movies.com to MelodyPleasure.com, I am thrilled to announce a special giveaway for all my loyal supporters and fans. One lucky winner will have the exclusive opportunity to receive a personalized video message from me, Melody Pleasure, along with a signed print of one of my favorite photos. To enter this giveaway, simply visit the new website MelodyPleasure.com, sign up for the newsletter, and follow me on social media. Stay tuned for more details on how you can win this special prize and be a part of this incredible journey with me. Thank you for your continued support and love!

Work and progress rebranding

As you all probably know, we are in the middle of a rebranding! dm-movies.com will become melodypleasure.com with a new template, so you can enjoy more of our movies. Its more user friendly, easier to navigate, easier to find updates, photosets and blogs! The webdeveloper and designers are now busy with finalising the coding and the design and then we are ready to migrate! Here you now can see our new logo.

As from now i will post my work schedule weekly at my website as well so its really easy for you my clients to see where and when i am at work! I also have it on my whatsapp profile so you cant miss it!

I really hope, that everything will become a more of a success! I work my hardest at the moment and it did result in a new deal! We now are official producers for one of the biggest adult content companies of the Netherlands.

Talk soon,

Big kiss Melody Pleasure

Merry xmas

Hello my lovely fans. I just wanna reach out to all of you, with this xmas wishes!

To all my amazing fans, may this Christmas fill your hearts with joy and your homes with laughter. Stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t forget to sprinkle a little bit of naughtiness into your holiday cheer! Merry Christmas!

Furthermore i can tell you that we are really busy with re-branding our business and websites and that we have some awesome productions lined up! We also are busy with merchandise and other awesome stuff!

Now i can tell you that there are a few new xmas movies online at dm-movies.com and that i have a 20% discount on my onlyfans account!

With love Melody Pleasure

Festive season

Well its a while ago that i have written a little post and update! As you probably know, i moved back to The Netherlands and i am fully settled again! I truly love and enjoying my life over here! I held my first party in Villa Weizigt last weekend and it was good to see Crystal Smith again, as i had flew her in for this party!

Of course i do miss my friends and work in the UK, but i promise you i will be back very soon! Now its time for the festive season! I truly hope the all of you will have a good one, with a lot of love. Maybe good to tell, that Cheffie and I are going to rebrand our company and websites! We will release this somewhere after festive season!


With love!

Melody Pleasure

Back in the Netherlands

Well i wanna start with a big thank you to the UK, to my friends who became family. To my colleagues, the producers, party punters and other clients! Thank you so much for all those years. They were fantastic but now i am back in the Netherlands to start a new adventure!

I will continue with my work in the Hague, my film work and organizing my parties! I will update you soon with when, how and where!

For now, just enjoy my newest movie online at dm-movies its a femdom/bdsm/fetish movie! I had to travel again and Cheffie can be a bit naughty when i am away. So i had the idea to lock him up in his cage just before i travelled. But because it was for 10 days i did allow him to cum one more time, while i was sounding and pegging him!

Enjoy watching and talk soon.

xxx Melody Pleasure

Moving back to The Netherlands

A lot of my fans, probably know that i moved to The UK almost 5 years ago. Partly because of the country and her nature and partly because how often I had to travel to The UK for work. Well I really do love the country and we have build a good amount of friends and some friends became our family, but after months of talking and thinking Cheffie and I have made the dicision to move back to The Netherlands.

We have noticed that escpecially after Brexit and covid – 19 the amount of work went less and less, so that i have to travel every month to pay the bills and to save a bit of money. But not only that, with parent who become older and a nan who’s already in her high 80’s its the missing part of our family as well what we have taken with us in our decision to move.

We will move back to The Netherlands at the end of September. In the mean time you still can book me for filming, parties or other adult work related stuff. I also will travel often from The Netherlands to The UK to film and to do parties with Pure Pleasure Parties and for other organizers and producers. So it is definitely not a goodbye or farewell, its just that i am living at the other side of the ocean thats all!

I really loved my time in The UK and it definitely feel as my 2nd home, but now i have to choose for myself and my family!

Love you lots.

Melody Pleasure

Geleenstraat The Hague

Well im a bit overwhelmed with how busy i am while i am at work in the Geleenstraat The Hague! I knew i would see some old regulars but this is insane! I firstly want to thank you all for coming and having a fantastic time together! Secondly i would strongly advice you to book an time slot so you wont be dissapointed and that you don’t waste time! Although you of course always can wait until i am done, and visit me then!

The best thing to do is to book a timeslot by dm on Twitter, Instagram or to send me a email to info@melodypleasure.com

You also can have a look what room i am working the specific day! Go to girlsreview.nl i always post a message in the morning with updates about the room for that day!

I definitely will make this trip to the Geleenstraat more often to please you guys! So stay tuned, stay updated by having a watch on this website or by social media channels!

O before i forget a new movie is releasing in 30 minutes! Cheffie, turnes the table! A never shown and shot clip but now exclusive for you guys! I get tied on the bed, blindfolded and ball gagged. Nipple clamps, a whip, a paddle and even a fist! YES YOU READ IT !

Go to dm-movies.com and watch it now!

Xxx Melody Pleasure

Pure Pleasure Parties

And then now i also can tell you here on my personal website that i started a new venture with Pure Pleasure Parties! As you probably already know, i do host a lot of parties and thought i will start to organize my own parties!

We already have done 2 succesfull parties in Bristol and now we gonna have parties in Leicester as well! I am currently looking for more places and venues and hopefully we will organize our parties accross the UK very soon. Of course i cant do this alone so i am very happy that my husband Cheffie Shot is helping and that Roxy and Des from roxy’s den are getting involved as well!

Have a look on our party WEBSITE and hopefully we will see you soon at one of our parties!

Big Kiss Melody Pleasure

Snap Awards

I am really honoured to being nominated in the Snap Awards 2023 for best milf.

I am also really proud on my husband Cheffie Shot, as he is nominated in 2 categories. We really do appreciate it and it’s nice to see that you appreciate us and our work.

When you do appreciate our work and us as persons, then please vote when you have some spare time ❤️❤️